Today, you will become more familiar with your data by answering these questions, and then writing up a brief summary report about your data.  Ultimately, the goal is to use your data to tell a story. 

Once you have answered the questions, you can see your answers as well as the answers of your classmates here.

Your report should be written in a separate sheet in the same Excel spreadsheet where you saved your data. The report should include:

1. Central tendencies.  A summary of two your variables, using mean, median or mode.  Justify your choice of one of those three measures of central tendency.  Write a sentence summarizing what you found.  Write another sentence that interprets the finding.

2. Frequency distributions.  Create a frequency distribution for two variables of your choice.  Use the book and my help to do this. 

3. Create bar charts based on the frequency distributions.  For each, write a several sentence description of the distribution.  We'll talk about this.

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