Excel add-in to calculate the chi-square test statistic p-value

The built-in Excel chi-square function is rather more complex and time-consuming.  I have written an Excel add-in that streamlines the process. 
File Size: 15 kb
File Type: xlam
Download File

Steps to install the add-in

  1.  Download the file above to your USB drive.  Don't open the file!
  2. Open Excel. 
  3. Click the "Office Button" at the top right-hand corner of the screen.  The button is round and has different colored windows inside of it.
  4. Select "Excel Options."
  5. Select "Add-ins"
  6. Next to where it says "manage," click Go...
  7. At the Add-ins dialog box, click Browse...  Find the file that you downloaded (chi_square.xlam). 
  8. In the Add-In dialog box, you should see "Chi_square."  Check it if its unchecked and press OK.
  9. There may be another dialog box.  Press Yes.
  10. Now the add-in should be installed.  You can now use the function that I created called chisquare.