How to Turn in Your Assignments as Email Attachments

  • You can now email your assignments to me as attachments so that you can get credit for all the hard work you have done!    Please follow the instructions below very closely.  First, each assignment that you do should be in a single Excel document.  Do not send MS Access files or any other files.

    In order to send me your assignment:

    1.      Log in to your William Paterson email account.  (You must send the file from your William Paterson email account.)

    2.      Create a new email message.

    3.      Send to:

    4.      Click on attachments and attach the excel document containing the final chart or table requested in the assignment.  Attach only ONE assignment.  The name of the Excel file doesn't matter.  But make sure you have the right file!!  And make sure to attach only a SINGLE assignment.

    5.      In the subject line of the message, write the name of the assignment.  The name of the assignment must be one of the items listed in the table below. 

  (Optional) In the body
of the email message, you can write about any difficulties that you had with the assignment.  You can write out any questions or comments about the assignment.  If you didn’t have any difficulties or comments to add, you don’t have to write anything in the body of the message.

7.  Send the email.