Your homework for next time is to find another dataset and follow the same steps that we followed in class. Specifically, you should:

1. Find a dataset that meets the criteria I outlined in class.  The dataset should be a rectangular matrix with cases in the rows and variables in the columns.  One of the variables should be interval, and another variable should be nominal. 

2. Import the dataset into Excel using the method that we went over in class.  You can go to the DATA tab in Excel, and then click on the FROM THE WEB button.  Then browse the web for a dataset that you can import.

3. While highlighting one of the cells in the table, press CTRL-T to create a table. 

4. Give the table an appropriate, descriptive name.

5. Then click "Summarize with Pivot Table."  A new sheet will appear.  Now, create a Pivot Table in the same manner as we did in class.  Grab the nominal variable and put it in the Row Labels box.  Grab the interval variable and put it in the Values box.  Obtain four different statistics: average (mean), minimum (min), maximum (max) and count. 

6. Format the table so that it looks good.  Use the decimal adjustment buttons. 

7  Now, write a paragraph about the table you have created.  Summarize what you found.  Write this paragraph under the table that you created. 

8. Make sure that you save everything on your flash drive, and bring it to class.

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