The next few activities will teach you about using confidence intervals for proportions and means. 

We will use the few remaining classes reviewing for the final exam.  Go to the Test Schedules page and find the review sheet if you don't have one.
Today (Wednesday), we will continue our work with scatterplots, regression lines and correlations.

In the first half of the class, we will do another application about scatterplots, regression lines, and correlations.  This application will be based on a dataset of used cars for sale in New Jersey right now.

During the second half of the class, you will take a test on these subjects. 

Good luck!

As you know, the semester is almost over.  We will only cover one more topic: using statistical inference with sample means and sample proportions. 

After covering this topic, we will review all of the work we have done so you can be better prepared for the final exam.

In the end, I would like all of you to be able to claim some level of expertise in using Excel.  You should be able to put the following statement on your resume: "Proficient in Excel." 
Here are your expectations.
Today, I will introduce you to a dataset that I have constructed which contains information about nations around the world.

We will first become familiar with the data by looking at how various variables are distributed.

Next, we will guess at how poor nations differ from rich nations.  Enter your expectations here.

Finally, we'll test out some relationships to see