Due to unforeseen circumstances, class was canceled today.  Everyone should have received an email to this effect yesterday.  Monday is Memorial Day, and the University will be closed.  So our next class will be on Tuesday, June 1.

Our first test will be postponed until Wednesday, June 2.  I will provide a lot of review of the material before th

Your homework for Tuesday is to duplicate what we did in class in finding and starting to analyze data from the internet.

In other words, you will find another dataset to copy into Excel and do a bit of analysis on it.

The steps of the assignment are the same as what we did in class.  Don't send me your Excel spreadsheet -- just bring it to class saved on your USB flash drive on Tuesday. 

Use the form linked here to complete the assignment.  If you encounter difficulties, feel free to email me.  Try your best to complete all of the steps.  If you have difficulties that you can't resolve, we can resolve them on Tuesday.

Make sure the data follow the criteria that I have specified: cases in the rows, and variables in the columns.  Your dataset should contain at least three variables.  The dataset should contain at least two types of variables among the three that we have discussed: nominal, ordinal and interval.

When you're ready, click the link above to get started. 

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