I have decided to have you complete Quarter Test 2 on your own time as well: this weekend.  The test will posted on Blackboard by the end of the day tomorrow (Thursday) and will be due by next Monday.  The test will cover  some concepts (like the chi-square test).  You will also have to find the answers to questions about data using Excel.   I will talk more about the test tomorrow in class.

Today, we are going to to look at trends in the salaries of Major League baseball players between 1985-2009.  We are going to extract data from the salary table as we did before.

When comparing $ figures over time, we are confronted with a problem: inflation.  A dollar was worth more twenty years ago than a dollar today.

Whenever you compare $ figures over time, you need to adjust them for inflation.  We will do this by using data from the Consumer Price Index.  This data can be downloaded on the Links page.

We will need to adjust the salaries of baseball players to 2009 dollars in order to make comparisons across the period for which we have data: 1985-2009.

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