Your homework is to record some data about yourself and then summarize that data using statistics.  I distributed an example in class.  Try to follow the example.

What data should you choose?  Your data should be interval-level.  But other than that, the choice is up to you.  Here are some possibilities.
  • A set of purchases you made. 
  • If you exercise regularly, you could record the amount of time that you exercise each day. 
  • If you have an exercise routine that includes weight-training, you could record information about the number of reps and amount of weights you lifted.
  • Your time spent commuting. 
  • Time spent doing some other task that might be useful to keep track of.
Use functions to calculate: total, average, count, minimum, maximum, mode, median and standard deviation.  I demonstrated these functions in a worksheet that I passed out in class.  You can find more information about functions on pp. 19-35 of the book. 

Calculate a "running total," similar to my column that contains "amount spent so far."  Enter the formula once.  Then click on the cell that contains the formula, and aim your cursor on the bottom right hand corner of the cell.  The cursor should become a plus sign.  When the cursor is a plus sign,  double-click the mouse.  The formula should be copied down the column.
Example - record of purchases
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