Key concepts and where to find them in the book

  1. Levels of measurement: nominal, ordinal and interval p. 140
  2. Inferential statistics  p. 8
  3. Difference between a sample and a population. top of p.9
  4. Standard deviation - a measure of variation.  bottom of p. 68
  5. Frequency distribution  pp.83-84
  6. Histogram - simply a chart of the frequency distribution pp.85-91
  7. Skewness  the lack of symmetry in a distribution p. 96
  8. Correlation  pp.113-116, 128-129  Correlation matrix pp.124-126
  9. Scatterplot pp. 120-124
  10. Standardized scores (AKA z-scores) pp. 182-183, 186
  11. Introduction to linear regression pp.292-304
  12. Chi-square test pp.312-313

Information about types of variables (AKA level of measurement)