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Survey results

Quarter quiz 2 coming up next week..

As you may know, we have a test coming up next week, but it won't be very difficult.  The test will cover: 

  * Percentiles (What does it mean to say that someone's income is at the 50th percentile or at the 90th percentile?  What does it mean to say that someone is at the 50th percentile in terms of height?  The 90th percentile in terms of height?)   We talked about this last week.

* Frequency distributions.  Just a table telling you the percentage of cases that are in a particular category of a variable.  We talked about these in the past as well but we can go over them further.

* Looking for associations between variables with crosstabs.  We did this with the assignment looking at gender and college at William Paterson.  We will do more of these today.  What does it mean to say that one variable is associated with another? 

* Using the chi-square test with the crosstab.  We haven't done this but we will get practice obtaining the chi-square test statistic and interpreting it today.

So the test will cover four topics -- but the emphasis will be on the last two topics (associations with crosstabs, and chi-square tests.)